As avid wine collectors and condo dwellers, Dale Bloomquist and Michael Towers recognized that there was a gap in the market when it came to the needs of the "condo community" of Seattle.  Consisting of a population of people who enjoy the wine lifestyle, condo folk had limited options when it came to collecting and storing wine. Michael and Dale joined forces with Gary Gudgel and created a business to fit this niche...

Elliott Avenue is the ideal wine storage solution for both condo and house dwellers...Read More...


Elliott Avenue Wine Storage

1481 Elliott Avenue W.
Seattle, WA 98119

Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Friday :: 12PM - 6PM
Saturday - Sunday :: 12PM - 4PM
Monday :: Closed

Off-hour access may be made by either a
phone call or an e-mail appointment

Storage Facility

Facility Storage conditions are our top priority. Wine experts advise that there are four essential criteria for properly storing fine wines: appropriate temperature and humidity, minimal light, and minimal vibration. At Elliott Avenue Wine Storage we have designed our storage facility with all four criteria in mind, ensuring the safe and proper storage of your wine collection...